Headache Disorder (Patient Testimonial)

25 April 2015
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25 April 2015, Comments: 0

Headache Disorder

Voigts Spinal Solutions were delighted to receive this client testimonial for the AtlasPROfilax system in helping with a headache disorder

“I have suffered from headaches accompanied by neck pain and sometimes dizziness for over 20 years.

My job as a chiropodist only makes the pain worse and by the end of the day everything above shoulder level hurts.

I have relied on pain relief for all of those 20 years sometimes taking up to eight tablets a day.

Taking pain relief on a regular basis only serves to ensure you continually need them by getting you into a vicious circle of pain, tablet, tablet pain.

I had AtlasPROfilax correction performed by Matthew some eight weeks ago, I wont say it hurt but equally it certainly was memorable.

After which I came away feeling nothing ventured nothing gained.

However the response for me is remarkable, the back of my head around the occiput no longer feels tender, my headaches have virtually gone, and best of all I am free from pain killers, going days without even one.

I wont say I haven’t taken any at all but its less than 1% of what I was ingesting before.

My stomach has also improved, because pain killing tablets have a negative effect on the colon.

All in all a miracle.

The cost of the treatment to me now is immaterial as it is money well spent. Thank you Matthew for introducing me to a therapy that has changed my life.”

To discuss how your headache disorder can be helped by the AtlasPROfilax system, contact Voigts Spinal Solutions today

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