28 September 2015
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28 September 2015, Comments: 0

In Upper Cross Syndrome part 5 simple home exercises are explained which can be used daily to address the muscle imbalance caused by upper cross syndrome.

Upper Cross Syndrome

Stretching short tight muscles is the first step in a good daily routine. Stretching exercises should be performed twice as the second stretch is developmental. Furthermore stretching should be gentle as over stretching will result in the opposite effect.

Upper Trapezius Stretch


Whilst seated grasp side of chair with hand.
With other hand gently hold side of head (as picture)
Gently take up the slack by pulling with hand on head.
Keep eyes looking straight ahead.
Hold stretch for 20 seconds.
Repeat on other side.
Stretch twice on each side.

Levator Scapulae Stretch


Place one arm behind head and reach as far down your back as possible.
Place other arm over and behind head
Pull head forwards and to the side (as if looking under arm pit)
Hold stretch for 20 seconds
Repeat on other side
Repeat twice

Pectoral Stretch


Pectoral stretch can be done in three different arm positions to stretch different parts of the muscle.
Stand in doorway with arms on doorframe
With one leg through doorway take a deep breath
As you exhale slowly lean through doorway and feel the pectorals stretch for 20 seconds
Repeat twice.
Repeat in all 3 positions.
Strengthening exercises are initiated after stretches are complete.

Prone Cobra


Lie on your front on the floor
With arms at 45 degrees to your body and palms of hands flat on the floor
As you raise your upper body turn thumbs up to face ceiling and contract the muscles between your shoulder blades. Feel your shoulder blades coming together.
Important! Keep chin tucked in and head in line with your body
Tense buttocks and raise legs.
Hold posture for 10 seconds then rest for 5 seconds
Repeat 8 times or until your form starts to deteriorate.

Deep Neck Flexors 


Look straight ahead
Place one hand on front of lower neck
Make a fist with the other hand and place under chin
Gently nod head whilst resisting with fist.
Hold for 10 seconds
Repeat 3 times

For more information about the home exercises for Upper Cross Syndrome contact Voigts Spinal Solutions today.

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