Theraflex Treatment

The Theraflex uses Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation (PAMM) technology for back pain and spinal treatment

THERAFLEXWhat is Theraflex

The Theraflex machine is a computerised unit that powers a handset using compressed air.

The handset has four pistons which can move at different speeds and forces under the control of the therapist.

The handset is used to mobilise the spine at a rapid rate ie far quicker than a pair of osteopathic hands.

Why use Theraflex

  • The Theraflex machine operates in 3 modes: Rapid, Momentary and Progressive.
  • Rapid Mode – the pistons rapidly tap on the muscles either side of the spine. By running the handset up and down the length of the spine this mode is able to stimulate muscle relaxation quickly and effectively.
  • Momentary Mode – This is the second preparatory phase of treatment and the pistons in this mode create an alternating tapping sensation to the muscles either side of the spine which stimulate spinal nerve reflexes. This results in further muscle relaxation.
  • Progressive Mode – This is the final stage of Theraflex treatment and this mode alternately mobilises each vertebral segment encouraging mobility of the facet joints. The therapist will concentrate efforts on noticeably restricted areas or segments.

The goal of Theraflex treatment is to rapidly encourage or regain flexibility to the spine. Several treatments are advised to get the best results.

Theraflex and AtlasPROfilax

AtlasPROfilax is a treatment that corrects body assymetries as a result of descending patterns.

Not only is it corrective for upper limb and lower limb functional length discrepancies it also encourages improved centre of gravity relationships.

Poor postural habits with their associated embedded motor engrams or muscle memories are a barrier in the short term effects of this treatment.

It has been observed that patience is necessary as the body embarks on a period of fascial unwinding.

In fact in the case of scoliosis change in bony configuration is required to take place which may take some considerable time.

Theraflex as a post atlasprofilax therapy is an ideal choice as it will encourage the effects of the atlasprofilax treatment thus speeding up fascial unwinding and releasing soft tissue contractures.

As a treatment combination I believe these two therapies have a powerful influence and are possibly the best strategy for improving spinal alignment.

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