Scoliosis Treatment


Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. As over 90% of the population have a malrotation of the atlas bone and therefore a functional short leg this situation of the spine is also present. However, to be defined as a scoliosis the angle of the sideways curve is required to be greater than 10 degrees.

In as many as 80% of cases of scoliosis doctors do not know the cause and they name this ‘’idiopathic’’. It could be that atlas malrotation is the root cause of this condition and for some unknown physiological reason the individual has an exaggerated response to the compensations to their atlas malrotation.

As the condition is much more prevalent in teenage girls there may be an hormonal influence.

Dextroscoliosis (sideways curve to the right when viewing from behind) is much more common than levoscoliosis (sideways curve to the left when viewing from behind). Interestingly atlas malrotation to the right has been shown to be much more common.

AtlasPROfilax as well as correcting a malrotated atlas corrects pelvic tilt, functional short upper and lower extremities. It has a powerful effect over skeletal alignment and for this reason must encourage a positive influence over scoliosis.

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