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logo-Voigts Spinal Solutions are delighted to offer the Lumo BodyTech Lumo Lift back posture corrector system in order to help you show you or your patients how to get better posture.

The Lumo Lift is a small, discrete, magnetic, wearable device that helps to track your posture and daily activity.

It can measure several important metrics, like your posture, steps taken, how long you spend sitting, and how long and well you sleep.

The Lift is small and stylish, and is designed to be placed unobtrusively on the collar or shoulder. For best results, we recommend wearing your Lumo Lift with a snug fit shirt (or bra/undershirt) by attaching the sensor using the magnetic clasp.

Lumo BodyTech Lumo Lift

Named one of Time Magazine's best inventions of 2014The sensor should be worn right below your collarbone and close to your body for most accurate posture detection.

How to achieve good posture?

The Lumo Lift helps you to understand what good posture is and the benefits to your body and health. To get into good posture, imagine your head is being pulled straight up by a string. Lift your chest slightly and draw in your chin.

The Lift is designed to detect unhealthy curvature at the top of the spine.
When your upper back is curved ie you are slouched the LUMO Lift will prompt you with a small and gentle buzz that reminds you to straighten up.

Voigts Spinal Solutions recommends Lumo Lift as it goes way beyond simple posture correction – it can also track and detect your full body movement, your physical daily activity including steps and calories.

iphone-sensorxapp (1)The devices ability to analyse your core body positioning is unique to the Lumo Lift, however, the key to the products success is the software ability for processing the information collected which will result in your long-term prospects for success and a healthier posture.

The Lumo Lift is compatible with someone who moves around more during the day or stationary at a desk for long periods of time, and it’s a lot less cumbersome than other similar products.

The Lumo Lift is controlled through an easy to install app on your smart phone.

Users will receive gentle vibrations when you want to be reminded of bad posture. Operated through an app on your smart phone, you can control when you’re buzzed, how you’re buzzed, and even how intensely you are buzzed.

Voigts Spinal Solution are delighted to be able to offer the Lumo BodyTech Lumo Lift back posture corrector system for £79.99. We are also able to offer trade accounts to medical professionals (back care specialists, doctors’ surgeries, personal trainers and healthcare clinics).

For more information about the Lumo Lift and how to get better posture, contact Voigts Spinal Solution today.


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