AtlasPROfilax Headache Treatment Testimonial

24 April 2015
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24 April 2015, Comments: 0

AtlasPROfilax Headache Treatment

A mothers description of the effects AtlasPROfilax had on her young daughter age 9 with headache disorder

“Michaela has always been as my mum put it different, she often woke up crying and when I asked her why she didnt know the reason she just felt unhappy and would be inconsolable for ages.

Michaela’s confidence diminshed as she got older and she found it hard to speak to adults, including my parents. The school told me that they thought Michaela was dyslexic.

Over the next few years Michaela told me she wanted to die on several occasions, this started when she was just six years old and again she didnt have a reason for this.

When Michaela was nine she started getting severe migraines which made her sick, she was referred to a paedeatrician who put her on medication none of which really helped.

Michaela didnt want to go out saying she preferred to stay at home. Michaela would be awake into the early hours of the morning as she could nt sleep as she was worried over the silliest things.

I took Michaela to the doctors as she repeatedly got coldesaws and the doctor said she was very run down and under weight, when he tried to talk to her she wouldn’t speak and he asked me if she was always like this, he decided that counselling may help her but after a few sessions Michaela still wouldnt speak so said she would make some recommendations to school as she felt this was where the problems stemed from with her dyslexia.

I will never forget the day Michaela had her Atlas put back back inline , she came out and the first thing she said to me was that she felt really happy.

The changes were almost instant her confidence grew, the migraines have stopped and her appetite has increased, she has a full nights sleep every night now and falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow Michaelas school have told me that her concentration has improved and she has gone up two reading levels in one term.

Michaela has earned herself a big speaking part in the school play with a solo, which she would never have been confident enough to audition for let alone perform in front of the whole school.

She has just returned from five days in the Isle of Wight and she barely looked back when she waved goodbye, she volunteered to be group leader and was the first to do the majority of the activities.

Michaelas grandparents have also remarked on the changes in her and cant quite believe the happy and confident child she has become. Thank you so much Mathew this has really changed Michaela’s life.”

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